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Indoor Imagination

DIY ideas for days when mother nature isn’t so “family friendly”
or when you and your little one just want to snuggle inside!

You can still have fun and be creative indoors.

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Valentine’s Day with a Baby
& Children’s Hospital

Another holiday means another "first" for our little Ten Ten. It is Tenley's 1st Valentine's Day! I have to admit, celebrating baby's "firsts" never gets old for me. When a holiday rolls around, it is also a reminder in my house that I absolutely love arts and crafts. Now... I am obsessed with any Baby DIY projects!

I may sometimes go a "little overboard" with decorations and DIY projects.

Okay, scratch that.

Not probably, I do go overboard with crafting.

Everyone has a hobby right?! Since Tenley has entered our lives, I have been looking for ways to incorporate arts and crafts projects that is baby appropriate. This Valentine's Day, I have created two Baby DIY printables for you and your little one!

(located below the instructions)

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